The Circular Kitchen (2019)

During my master at AMS I worked as a student assistent for the Circular Kitchen project of the TU Delft (or CIK in short). I helped with material research, design, making of prototypes and facilitating events. The Circular Kitchen is best explained on the website of the TU Delft:

Buildings consist of many components such as installations, kitchens, bathrooms, window-stills etc. These can be replaced by circular components during maintenance and renovation, leading to a bottom-up implementation of a circular economy in the built environment. 

In project CIK, the TU Delft, Chalmers, AMS Institute, industry partners and clients develop one such circular component: The Circular Kitchen. In four years the CIK will be developed to a prototype and market-ready product which will be implemented in demonstration exemplars as part of deep retrofit projects in the Netherlands and Sweden. In the CIK the design, business and industrial model are developed in parallel to each other.

The circular kitchen is completely demountable and made of sustainable materials. The kitchen is meant to be repaired, re-manufactured and finally recycled easily with as little new energy input as possible.