2013: Shortsighted Symposium

Look no further then the end of your nose! Nowadays many designs are copied and placed in an environment for which they are not intended. 

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We believe it is time again to design for and with the local environment: local materials, local systems, local tradition and skills, local culture and local history. In short; local resources. This is the way people have been building for ages and we are just beginning to rediscover its wisdom and potential. It is not about going back to the past but about looking closely and discovering new combinations and materials.

In collaboration with Stylos, the Student Association of the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft, we present to you the Shortsighted Symposium. For two days, students will be emerged in lectures of professionals, workshops with local materials and discussions about architecture with local materials. They will learn about the impact local resources can have and will get a feeling for working with local materials, which in the Netherlands can mean clay, different kinds of wood such as willow branches, waste materials, even potato starch & mushrooms and who knows what else will be discovered if we just look closely!

Lectures and workshops will be held and guided by 24H architecture, studio Content en Orio Architecten. Organic food will be provided by Kistje vol Smaak!

You can subscribe for the workshops and lectures at the office of Stylos. Participation is €20,-, including food and beverages. To get more involved in the subject of a local architecture Stylos will host weekly movie nights every thursday until the symposium. The weekly movies are free to attend.