Shortsighted Architecture (2013)

Lately my website has been heavily neglected, but don’t worry there’s a good reason: Shortsighted Architecture.

A collaborative of deliberately shortsighted people: Max Verhoeven, Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno, Ties Temmink and myself.

the idea of being shortsighted is that working regionally has many sustainable advantages, for example local materials need no transportation, local craftsman can be involved, local people benefit and repair knowledge is always available. Shortsighted Architecture worked according to a set of principles:

  1. Share knowledge and skills
  2. Use local resources
  3. Create local systems
  4. Make it environmentally prospering
  5. Dare to play, dare to discover

Our foremost project happened in El Rama, Nicaragua and is called Bambu Social. Next to that we did some smaller design projects with waste materials and we organized events such as a symposium on building with local materials.