Grasshopper & my room (2014)

We were introduced to a piece of software called Grasshopper (then a plugin, now a part of Rhino). Grasshopper is a plugin to create parametric design. Altough I have plenty still to learn, I can already make it do crazy stuff! In an honours bachelor course It was up to us students what to try and use it for. Since I had been wanting to redecorate my room for quite a while, I thought lets use Grasshopper to help me ‘calculate’ the best possible layout for my room. I quickly realized this was gonna a big challenge. You can see an image of the preliminary the result on the left. After a few weeks I got the software so far as to keep the furniture in my room, that was a big accomplishment, and eventually I even got it to create random room layouts with my furniture and even take into acount where the door is! however I haven’t yet been able to do a sort of natural selection and get to the best possibilities as I planned. But at least i got some new ideas for my room, what about a room where all the furniture is in one corner? Gives you quite some space right? or everything in the middle then you can run around it. The possibilities are quite unique and literally endless!