Bnieuws hack #EI (2015)

Does the current climate at our faculty really support an academic, critical way of thinking? We see enough debating events organized, but mainly about the position of the architect. Isn’t it hubris to say that the position of the architect in society even matters that much? To whom is that a relevant question? This faculty hosts so many inspiring people advocating very inspiring theories, but do we take enough time to not only talk, but to listen?

For us, academic growth and innovation means not being afraid of making mistakes, making something ugly, to experiment, fail, and try again. To criticize and to receive criticism. Criticizing, not blaming – an essential difference. By criticizing, we cherish what we have, and try to make it even better. Maybe even to protect it from going in the wrong direction. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

This magazine is not made by B Nieuws, nor by any related institution or association of this Faculty. Not all articles are entirely based on truth. This magazine is the initiative of a small group of idealistic students, supported by some of the very much appreciated academics.

With this publication, we dare to be bold, but we don’t want to insult anybody: every student, every employee, has contributed to our faculty as it is. We do desire that you dare to disagree with us and tell us why we’re wrong, and let us react again. Only then we can learn from each other. That is what makes a university a true academic institute

Last but not least: the best way of self-criticism is parody. The high ambitions and pretensions within this architectural enviroment, sometimes almost make us forget the enlightment of humour. As Eileen Gray warned her visitors at the entrance for the disguised humour in her E1027 – so heavily desired by Le Corbusier:

“Défence de Rire” – Laughing Prohibited.

Although we can’t guarentee anything, we hope this magazine be read with a forbidden smile aswell.