Bambu Social (2014)

Bambu social is a project with the aim to help improve (social) housing in Nicaragua its first project was developed between 2013 and 2014. During the project a model house of bamboo was built to develop social housing that is more sustainable, affordable and of better quality than current housing. Additionally the project included an educational track in cooperation with a local university, the BICU to share and spread the acquired knowledge and techniques.


  • Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno
  • Ties Temmink
  • Laurens van der Wal
  • Max Verhoeven
  • Floor van Eijden
  • Henky Borgstein
  • Jan van Mulken
  • Sheila Oroschin
  • Diana Jimena Gonzalez
  • Jezabel Mejías Reyes
  • Karin Fernanda Swambach
  • Sylvia Machgeels
  • Arie van Ziel


  • Students 4 Sustainability
  • Cordaid
  • TU Delft

Local partners

  • Municipality of El Ram
  • Hermanamiento El Rama
  • UCA
  • Blue Energy