Sometimes I get the question who inspires me in life, who are my examples, who do I look up to? Besides the obvious answers such as my parents (who I indeed find very inspiring) this question always challenges me. I come across many passionate people who manage to move me, working on topics that matter. Unfortunately I am just horrible at remembering exactly who did what, when and where. Therefore this page is an attempt to solve that by creating an overview of people and initiatives that have in some way inspired me. So that from now on, if people ask me who inspires me, I can open this page and tell them all about it. This page is my extended memory.

Art & artists

Keith Haring // activist + artist, I love this guy
An ocean without a shore // video art that left an impression
Atelier van Lieshout // genius of an artist, active in Rotterdam

Research & authors

Low-Tech Magazine // questioning the technofix belief
Ex’tax // proposal to shift taxes from labor to natural resources
ontgroei // the dutch degrowth platform
Khalil Gibran // artist, poet & writer with an inspiring outlook on life


Micheal Reynolds // unconvential sustainable architect
Hundertwasser // architect who alters the relationship humanity and nature
Willem Dudok // architect with his own beautifull language of form
Siebe Jan Bouma // this is like the Dudok of my hometown of Groningen