01 The start: thesis assignment & criteria – 5 October 2018

The starting point for every thesis is the assignment and the related the criteria as set by the University, or in our case, AMS institute. I will use this blogpost to describe the assignment and the criteria given to us and besides that touch upon the expectations that the institute has of our theses.

The assignment exists of three parts:

1. preparation of a thesis proposal, including plan proposal and selection of thesis supervisors.
2. writing the report under their supervision.
3. giving a final presentation and defending the results in Amsterdam, at the AMS Institute.

As of now the assessment rubric has not been shared yet (we got used to these kinds of issues, being the first cohort of students). Therefore I derived criteria loosely based on what is written in the thesis courseguide. Furthermore I got some points from this protocol for students from other faculties doing their thesis at AMS between 2014-2017.

Taken together this results in the following list:

  • The MSc MADE Thesis topic should have a clear connection to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
  • The thesis should contribute to develop metropolitan solutions for persistent, societally relevant sustainability problems in a meaningful manner.
  • The thesis should focus on the an inter or transdisciplinary field in the MADE domain (for a good explanation of different forms of disciplinarity see this post by Alexander Refsum Jensenius & figure 1).
  • The project should focus on one or combination (s) of the AMS themes: mobility, food, waste, water, energy , health, socio – technical spatialisation .
  • The project is research based, solution oriented and integrates the use and/or development of metropolitan data.

Laurens van der Wal / 05-12-2018

Figure 1. The different forms of disciplinarity, visualized by Alexander Refsum Jensenius