Sticky post: Thesis, Degrowth & Urbanism in Amsterdam

Currently I am in the final year of my master at AMS institute in Amsterdam. The master track is called MSc MADE, an acronym for Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering. On this blog I will share the journey of my thesis from preliminary topics to final research outcomes.

AMS institute is a new Amsterdam based public-private institute where students are educated and engineers, designers and scientists jointly research and develop interdisciplinary answers to the urban challenges of sustainability and quality of life. AMS is founded by the TU Delft, Wageningen University and MIT.

The MADE master track has been launched last year, this means that me and my year are the so called ‘guinea pigs’ for the first year of this master, as the first master at AMS. Come to think of it, this expression feels quite outdated and innapropriate in an era where we are looking for a new symbiosis with our natural enviroment. Let’s just say we are the first cohort of students and as such subject to all teething troubles of this new education but also eligible for some extra attention due to our small class, with only 18 students! And I have to say I really appreciate this scale of education, where you get to know every other student on a personal level and even lectures transform easily into interactive discussion groups.

As said, on this blog I will share the research for my thesis. This will range from the search of a topic and general interest to the actual research I perform myself. The topics I am currently interested in are sustainable housing, sustainable urbanism, housing cooperations, co-housing, degrowth and alternative financial incentives. For the sake of brevity, and since everything needs a title I currently summarize this in the working title ‘Degrowth & Urbanism in Amsterdam’.

Blog post will appear in chronological order below this sticky post. This blog will function as a personal logbook for my own process and hopefully also a means by which to share knowledge and ideas.

Laurens van der Wal / 05-12-2018

photo attribution: Bert Kaufman, CC BY-SA 2.0 license