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Laurens van der Wal

I study metropolises in Amsterdam, live in Rotterdam and work all over the place. I focus on sustainability, urbanism, design and architecture. Welcome to my website!

To be more concrete, currently I am doing the final year of a two year master track at AMS Institute in Amsterdam. The master is called MADE: Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering. This master track is the result of a collaboration between AMS Institute and its partner universities TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research. MSc MADE focuses on our cities and metropolitan regions, which face the challenges of sustainability and quality of life in a fast urbanizing world.

Besides that I also work on sustainable architecture & design projects with my design firm Walden, which is a design and development agency for small, self sufficient and experimental architecture. Walden is lead by myself and my sister Lena van der Wal. We believe in compact and efficient living to increase happiness and decrease our ecological footprint.

Finally I am also a student assistent at the Circular Kitchen project of the TU Delft. In this project TU Delft, Chalmers, AMS Institute, industry partners and clients develop a circular building component, namely The Circular Kitchen (CIK). In four years the CIK will be developed to a prototype and market-ready product.